YGAM Innovation

YGAM Innovation offers authentic, customised, nationally-recognised Pearson qualifications at Levels 1, 2, and 3. These qualifications are aimed at colleagues who work within the gambling & gaming industry, public health, or licensing authorities and who specifically want to learn more about or minimise gambling or gaming-related harm amongst their customers, clients, or the general public.

One hundred percent of all profits generated by YGAM Innovation are donated to YGAM (the Young Gamblers Education Trust) to enable the charity to diversify and build unrestricted income, which will be spent to increase its social impact and reach.
Additionally, YGAM Innovation is seeking to work with the gambling & gaming industry specifically to form a Government Approved Trailblazer Group. This Group will create a new Apprenticeship Standard for the gambling & gaming industry, allowing operators to gain value from the Apprenticeship Levy.

YGAM Innovation contributes to the RSGB National Responsible Gambling Strategy; Priority Action Six: Piloting Innovations of the National Responsible Gambling Strategy and Priority Action Eight: Piloting Education to Minimise Harm.

YGAM Innovation Limited
YGAM Innovation

Founded by former gambling addict Lee Willows, YGAM has enjoyed a phenomenal journey.

The charity has quickly established itself as a highly professional non-profit organisation, with the capability to reach out to a very high and increasing number of young people and organisations.

All of YGAM’s educational resources are (i) quality-assured (and have been awarded the prestigious Quality Mark from the PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) Association) and (ii) accredited by Ofqual-approved Awarding Body ASDAN.

What makes YGAM Innovation unique?

YGAM Innovation is the UK’s first socially driven training company for the gambling & gaming sector as all our profit is donated to the Young Gamblers Education Trust (known as YGAM).

YGAM Innovation is Pearson Assured, allowing us to create and deliver bespoke Customised Pearson qualifications to compliment your current training.

Your colleagues could receive a nationally-recognised Pearson qualification.

YGAM Innovation is led by an experienced team including former problem gamblers, qualified vocational trainers, and assessors and quality-assurance experts.

The principle and only shareholder for YGAM Innovation is YGAM the charity.

A Customised Pearson Level 2 qualification and certification costs as little as £225 per candidate.

YGAM Innovation USPsYGAM Innovation is the UK’s first socially driven training company that provides formally-accredited, corporate training products to minimise gambling-related harm to the gambling & gaming sectors.

Uniquely, as a trading subsidiary to the UK-Registered Charity the Young Gamblers Education Trust (known as YGAM), all profits generated are used to further YGAM’s social purpose.